Phoenix Clubhouse 13th Anniversary cum Volunteer 


Phoenix Clubhouse 13thAnniversary cum Volunteer Appreciation Day was held on 18 February (Saturday), with great success.

About 60 members and 24 volunteers were present. Together, they enjoyed various programs such as review of Clubhouse past events, tea ceremony demonstration, talent show of staff and members, as
well as lucky draw for everyone. What I appreciated most was the “violent sea 7542”, a kind of Pu Ur tea and the lucky draw. My prize was a jar warmer.
Ah Ho appreciated very much the Try and Guess event and the lucky draw designed by the two occupational therapy students.

Members sharing of their experience enabled me to understand how the clubhouse and volunteers helped members when they re-joined the society.

Chi Wai found the food very delicious, in particular the red bean cake and cheese cake. Members helped to prepare these cakes. I know I would want to join every clubhouse anniversary!

Prepared by: Chi Wai, Hey, Ah Ho