15th Anniversary Celebration cum National Holiday Day Camp - Enjoy Your Wonderful Life.



I was very happy that on 1st October as I had participated in the 15th Anniversary Celebration cum National Holiday Day Camp Enjoy Wonderful life held by Phoenix Clubhouse. There were many members, relatives, volunteers and staff taking part in this event.


My dad and my mom also joined this activity. They took part vigorously in FitMind for sturdy brain exercise. My parents not only praised the simple and easy FitMind but also the healthy brain exercise. They urged me to practice this exercise frequently so that I could keep healthy.


After finishing FitMind, it was a mutually praise connection. Sincere admiration makes a person feel warmth. It is a present without the need to spend money. Praising a person has many advantages. It not only makes a person happy but also brings him a lot of friendship. If you use an admiring tone to encourage people, it will make a person feel more confident. With more confidence they will try even harder. Saying the right word will make people feel successful and make one happy.


Lastly, it was time for members sharing. I had also participated in sharing my illness from onset to the recovery journey of rehabilitation. I had talked about my doctor referring me to Phoenix Clubhouse which leads to regain my confidence, recapture devotion of my work and the good relationship and friendship between members and Phoenix clubhouse. Other members had their sharing too. They looked forward for their rehabilitation process. Lawrences mother had her sharing as well. From her sharing, I understand that family support is the most important thing. It is exactly the heart strengthening shot on the road of recovery!


The whole activity was the most unforgettable and happy holiday!


Thanks to Phoenix Clubhouse!