Three weeks of training in Australia


On 24 September, happily and excitedly I went with Francez and Henry to Brisbane, Australia to take the three-week training course.  At the immigration counter the officers asked me many questions.  I calmly answered their questions and then was able to “enter” Australia.  It was already 12:30a.m. when we were leaving the airport.  Fortunately Stepping Stone Clubhouse staff Brad, his girlfriend and Clubhouse member Clinton were there to receive us, Brad’s girlfriend was able to speak Cantonese and so there was no problem with my communication with them.


Early in the morning of 26 September, at 8:30am, we arrived at Stepping Stone Clubhouse staff Robert and Brad and member Eschleigh had a meeting with us and explained to us the details of the three-week training and the content of the work of the units.  After the meeting, we enjoyed the salad lunch.  There were many items; I enjoyed them very much. From 1:30 pm to 2:30pm there was a small group meeting; from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm there was a meeting of discussion.  I was thankful to Eva and Francez for arranging for me a translator so that I was able to understand the subject matter and the 36 Standards with their ideas and meanings and able to understand the Clubhouse Model more.  On the evening of 27 September they specially welcomed us and had a barbecue at the hotel.

I remember that on 6 October the three of us went together to visit Toowooba Clubhouse.  The building looked old and elegant.  The facilities in it are different from those in Phoenix Clubhouse.  Three members and two staff there had a meeting with us.

We also visited the workplaces of the jobs of Stepping Stone Clubhouse.  One of them was Jacobs Company, a large electronics company.  We visited their office.  The boss treated us to chocolate muffins.

Towards the end of the trip, on 13 October Stepping Stone Clubhouse prepared for the three of us a farewell dinner.  We could taste the long-awaited Kangaroo meat, in addition to salad, sausages and cakes.  It was a very happy night.  On 14 October, we took a 10-hour flight and arrived Hong Kong at 10:30pm.

During the 3-week training, I felt very nice and understood more of the clubhouse model.  Staff and members of Stepping Stone Clubhouse were very enthusiastic towards us.  I felt very warm in this 3-week training.  I shall share with members of Phoenix Clubhouse experience I learnt.