The 4-Day Exchange with

Heart Wing Clubhouse on the Clubhouse Model

In September, 3 staff members from Heart Wing Clubhouse, Chang-sha, paid a 4-day visit to Phoenix Clubhouse for exchange of ideas and learning. During these four days, they participated in the daily operation of the 4 units of the Clubhouse, including the Administrative Unit, the Clerical Unit, the Environmental Protection and Tuck Shop Unit, and the Food Services Unit.
They were serious and they continually jotted down important points in notebooks. In the process of sharing with our staff, they realized the strengths and inadequacies of their own Clubhouse.
They also gained a deeper understanding of the Clubhouse Model. This surely will help the Heart Wing Clubhouse in their up-coming registration. Here we wish them every success in that endeavour!
As for the staff and members of Phoenix Clubhouse, they realized after these 4 days that they urgently needed to improve their Putonghua. Some members even want the Clubhouse to hold another Putonghua class very soon. For myself, I hope that in future I can go to the Mainland for exchange activities with my fellow countrymen!



Administration Unit
Clerical Unit
Environmental and Tuck Shop Unit
Food Services Unit

Photo with Visitors