Certification Visit of Clubhouse
(20-27th April, 2006)

Hello everybody! I am writing to share with you my thoughts on the certification of the clubhouse.

Because I have already joined the Clubhouse for one year. I am expected to help out in a few things during the certification. For example, before the certification in the review meetings I would share my views with other clubhouse members.

I remember that in the two months before certification, we discussed the clubhouse standard everyday and revised them, and would prepare for self-evaluating reports, Everybody was very serious about this certification visit.

First of all, I'd like to thank Thomas and Michelle accompany clubhouse professionals, Melanie and Andrew from Stepping Stone Clubhouse, Australia during these few days interpretation English to Chinese, and from Cantonese to English. I'd also like to thank Dr. Wong and Amanda, who picked them up everyday to the clubhouse, and Thomas who took them back to the hotel in the evening. Now share with you officially the certification matters. They arrived early in the morning at the Clubhouse, they had breakfast with us at the dinning room, and then participated in the morning meetings. After the meeting, Melanie and Andrew went to the different work units to realise their running, interviewed several members in order to understand the daily running of the Clubhouse. I commented on The Group Transitional Employment placements to Melanie. Moreover, we arranged them to play a site visit to a Transitional Employment and participate in evening program.

At the last they met up with Friends of Phoenix Clubhouse, and in the afternoon they announced the Preliminary Report Findings. Many thanks to volunteer Viona for her simultaneous interpretion. The two experts who proposed areas included membership, relationships, Work Ordered Day, running of the clubhouse, education and employment. For details, we have to wait for the ICCD to send us a complete report. Thanks a lot to the two experts we have us a lot of valuable advice in so many areas, that the services of Phoenix Clubhouse would improve in the long term.