After the employer reception

November 24, 2005 was an important day for Phoenix Clubhouse. It was our bi-annual employer reception. The aim of this reception, besides being a celebration for our members obtaining opportunities to work, was to appreciate and thank the many organizations and companies that gave us such offers of employment. There were more than 80 employers or potential employers from various organizations in this grand reception. Everyone in the clubhouse felt extremely honored.  

In the morning, many members had already dressed up neatly and returned to the clubhouse. They were all busy preparing for the occasion in the evening, for example, the preparation of various tasks at the reception table..  

Guests from various organizations started to arrive at the clubhouse at 5:30 p.m.. Members at the reception were very busy showing them around various departments of the clubhouse and leading the guests to seats on the balcony to enjoy the snacks we had prepared. I was the MC of this event. The program began at around 6:15pm. Daniel, Thomas, Katherine, Linda and I shared our work experiences at these companies and the role these jobs played to give us meaning in our lives.. This year , we had also arranged for Eva and Mimi to present the recent developments of the clubhouse with a power point presentation. The entire program ended at around 7: 00pm.  

The applause and the guests’ response showed that the reception was very successful. We truly thank them for their attendance and their willingness to provide us with job opportunities.


Translated by John