Employers’ Reception 2007


        The Employers’ Reception held by the Clubhouse concluded well on Thursday 15th November, 2007 . Supported by employers and organizations, the event went very well. That evening there were 100 people in attendance including high-ranking employers, colleagues, Clubhouse staff and Clubhouse members. I myself felt very much honoured to be the M. C. and to share with everybody my thoughts and experience. To me the event was a happy one, because I came as an independent employee. (By independent employee, I mean that I applied for and got the job as an ordinary person.

        The place where I currently work is the same place --- Morgan Stanley’s postal room --- where I worked in 2003 at a time when my life was at it’s lowest, I had the least self-confidence, and I very much needed to be accepted by society. Although it is a full-time job and the working hours are long, yet I am happy working at Morgan Stanley.    On the afternoon of that day I came back to the Clubhouse. After taking the lunch which had been kept for me, we began memorizing the M.C.’s lines and my thoughts. I got a bit nervous; the time passed and it was after 5:00pm , and guests arrived punctually at the Clubhouse. There was one introductory session after another, in Chinese and in English respectively, led by tour guides. At 6:45pm the employers’ reception started. At that point my mood calmed down. After Alex gave a brief introduction in English, I began presiding over the event. First I stated the purposes of this Reception, and four Clubhouse members (including myself) shared their thoughts. Then Eva and Helen explained the future development of the Clubhouse. At the end awards were given to three employers and organizations that have employed Clubhouse members for over 5 years. At the end of the Reception snacks and beverages were served and souvenirs were given to everybody.

        That evening I was very happy that many colleagues showed up to give me support and encouragement. But what saddened me a bit was that my mother who had recently passed away could not be present to see that I am able to get re-employed and get back up in life; this is the greatest pity in my life. On the few days after the Employers’ Reception, I was time and again praised by superiors and encouraged by colleagues. Thus this Employers’ Reception held by the Clubhouse was not only a reception, but also gave a correct message to everybody that most often the rehabilitated mental patients are able to work and are not useless. 


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