Text Box: Open day cum employment reception 2009

Text Box: The Biennial "Open day cum the employment reception 2009 has been successfully held on 19 November 2009. We have a jolly time; many employers together with their staff supported our activities this evening. Although the weather is cold, I feel so warm.
I had the opportunity to participate in this important event and acted as MC and shared my employment sharing, I learned how to prepare to and planning the event and made me understand the great strength of teamwork.
Open day cum the employment reception is very important project on Clubhouse, because the successful event aim to provide employment opportunities to our member, and let employer know the operation of our clubhouse, and help our members for developing job opportunities.
I joined the Phoenix Clubhouse about three years, I have changed a lot. I'm very introverted person at past, I overcome and fact the people to share my feeling. Transitional employment is helping me to build up my confidence.
In addition, five members shared their employment sharing; I saw 34 members' sharing recently. I found the transitional employment is so helpful for recovering on our member. it cannot be underestimated. Therefore, we are very grateful the employers to join our employment scheme and provide the job opportunities on our member for the first step towards society.