Open House cum Employers' Reception 2011

December 8th was an important date for the clubhouse because it was our Open House cum Employers’ Reception. Everyone in the clubhouse was happy and excited about it. We started to design the invitation card  several months before the event; people were assigned different responsibilities at various locations of the clubhouse; tour guides practised the routines repeatedly, and MCs rehearsed over and over their speeches. These achievements were the joint effort and hard work of all members and staff.


The 10-year Partnership Award was presented to the HKU Department of Psychiatry and Morgan Stanley Asia Ltd. The awards were well deserved as these two employers have been generously supporting us over the past 10 years. Several members shared their experience and rehabilitation journey with us. They touched every heart. The atmosphere was warm and our MCs Joyce and Sandy handled the entire ceremony well.


As guests started to arrive around 6 pm, the clubhouse came alive. It was the busiest hour for our tour guides because they needed to take our guests around the clubhouse and explain to them the function of the different units. The Community Resource Room where refreshments were served was crowded. Everybody enjoyed the mouth-watering hors-d’oeuvres. . I was happy to meet my ex-Transitional Employment employer. We greeted each other and took photos.


After the presentation of awards and members’ testimonies, the ceremony reached its final phase. The clubhouse staff and employers were busy making memories by taking photos. It was a heart-warming scene indeed! It was in this pleasant atmosphere that the Open House cum Employers’ Reception came to a satisfactory conclusion!