The first “Clubhouse Model Orientation Program” was successfully completed.

I’m glad to be the Putonghua interpreter for the four-day Orientation Program.  

The Program ended on September 16, 2005. This is the first time the clubhouse launched an orientation program after developing a partnership with ICCD for such an event.

We invited Mr. Jack Yatsko (Training Director of ICCD) to be the conductor of the training course. He was assisted by clubhouse staff & members. We all worked hard to prepare for the event: selecting syllabus, translating articles, arranging for hotel accommodations etc. Furthermore, we conducted a Putonghua course for the members to better their communication ability. Several professors in psychiatry & doctors from different parts of Mainland China including Beijing, Shanghai & Chengsha came to the orientation. During these 4 days, participants would acquire useful information from how to operate a clubhouse through working side by side with members, to the philosophy of clubhouse operation. We also made arrangements for them to visit Baker& Makenzie so they could see first-hand what a typical transitional employment situation was like. The goal of all these activities was to explain how the clubhouse model played an important role in the recovery of people suffering from mental illness.

Although the Clubhouse Model has not been established in Mainland China, all participants believed that the clubhouse concept could help members regain their self-confidence and increase employment opportunities. Overall, they expressed confidence that they could promote this model to help people recovering from mental illness in Mainland China.

Michelle Y