Clubhouse Accreditation 2013

29 January to 1 February are important dates of Phoenix Clubhouse.  Two faculty members of International Centre for Clubhouse Development and Jack and Andrew, will visit us to perform accreditation.  Without knowing it, we have prepared accreditation for nearly a year.  In order to let Jack and Andrew understand more about other clubhouse in Hong Kong, they visited Red Cotton Clubhouse on 28 January.  On that day Anna and Joyce nervously waited for Jack and Andrew at the lobby of Bishop Lee International House at 9:00 am.  We have not met Andrew. 


At about 9:15 am, a tall and big man dressed up very modern with tattoo and wearing large ear-ring came before us.  Jack introduced him as Andrew to us.  We felt strange but still gave him a smile.  Joyce had purchased two Octopus cards for their travel.  We met Ian at Prince Edward Station and we all went to Red Cotton Clubhouse.  Staff and members of the Clubhouse treated us nicely.  They prepared spiced vegetarian disk for Jack.  We held a meeting, talked freely and took lunch.  A group photograph was taken and we stayed for three hours.  Finally we took them back to hotel.


29 January is an important day of Phoenix C  It is the first day of the accreditation week.  Chung Cheung and Hak Hung escorted them to attend meetings at the clubhouse.  Jack and Andrew were involved in operation of our units.  They were friendly and kind in discussing clubhouse matters with our staff and members, in addition to understanding clubhouse operation.  They took lunch with us.  At 6:00 pm Jack and Andrew joined our Drawing Class.  Thereafter Karen escorted them back to the hotel.

Time flew. It was the last day of accreditation process. The two of them delivered a preliminary report of accreditation. I and her encouraged ourselves to act as masters of ceremony. We smoothly accomplished this mission and the accreditation meeting was successfully concluded. Thereafter, I, Joyce, Andrew and Jack took a taxi to Element Airport Train Station. During these four days, we found Jack very sincere, kind, pleasant, easy going and learned. He taught us a lot of new things. Andrew was big in size, humorous and knowledgeable. We happily got along with them and liked them. We were sorry that they had to leave. Hopefully they would return in 3 years later. Besides, we were happy that Phoenix Clubhouse successfully attained the highest three years accreditation qualification, reaching to the top world class clubhouse level.            

                                            Joyce, Anna and Lan