Eva's Farewell


C: How did you start Phoenix Clubhouse in 1998?

E: When I attended an academic conference in England in 1995, I was introduced to the clubhouse model. I took the philosophy behind this model back to HK and set up Phoenix Clubhouse in Hong Kong in 1998.

C: What are the advantages of the Clubhouse model? Are there any memorable events that meant a lot to you?

E: The clubhouse philosophy is people-based. Members make their own decisions. They enjoy freedom of choice. They have normal social lives. This is normally not available in conventional rehabilitation programs. Within my 13 years of clubhouse career, the Asian Clubhouse Conference is most memorable. Participants from many countries came to Hong Kong for exchange of ideas and experiences.. The conference was very successful. We learned about the strong points of other clubhouses.

C: Do you have any expectations on Phoenix Clubhouse?

E: I hope the clubhouse will continue to operate and develop and that the clubhouse model be introduced to other Chinese speaking communities. I also hope that employers would offer more job opportunities to clubhouse members.

C: What are your plans for the future?

E: I shall leave Phoenix Clubhouse on May 11 and start a new chapter in my life. I shall undertake volunteer work in the mainland. I am happy that I had an opportunity to work with the clubhouse model for 13 years. I thank you for your support and encouragement all these years so that Phoenix Clubhouse has now developed into an outstanding
establishment. I shall use my professional knowledge to undertake and promote mental health rehabilitation and other related volunteer work in the mainland. I shall keep in touch with Phoenix Clubhouse and The International Center for Clubhouse Development (ICCD). I have accepted ICCD’s nomination as an honorary consultant of the Chinese
clubhouse working group. I shall continue my role as a clubhouse expert and render help to Chinese-speaking clubhouses.

C: Thank you for your time. I wish you success in your future career and a happy life.

E: Thanks.

Interviewers: Amy, Sandy

C: Clerical Unit
E: Eva