The celebration party for the relocation of the Clubhouse and Welcome Party

On Friday 10 June 2011, we threw a party to celebrate the relocation of the Clubhouse as our evening activity.  Members and their families were welcomed to come, and that was why staff and members had notified everyone in advance. That evening, I brought my mother, my sister and her baby to the Clubhouse.  The activity began shortly after 6:00p.m.  Janet led all participants  to watch a short film about the Clubhouse in the dining room.  After the film, Mimi showed family members around the Clubhouse and for about 30 minutes introduced to them the various facilities.  Then everybody re-assembled in the dining hall where  members and their relatives  shared their feelings for the clubhouse, Janet, Mimi’s husband and Wing talked about their appreciation of the clubhouse for the differences it has made in their lives all these years.  Everybody was listening carefully.  In the evening, delicate snacks were served, including fried rice, sweet and sour bean curd, barbecued pork pastry, thousand-year egg pastry, siu mai and lettuce.  The red bean pudding prepared by Eva was delicious.  The food service staff cooked sweet bean curd soup.  At 7:00pm, Eva and Mimi explained about recent changes and activities of the clubhouse, and its future development.  We then shared the food, followed by karaoke at about 7:30pm.  I found this social gathering very meaningful.  I spent a night at the clubhouse with my family members.  My mother and sister found the clubhouse spacious and beautiful.  They began to understand my daily activities at the clubhouse and encouraged me to stay there more often.


Ivy, Sandy