Quadruple Celebration Day

9th, January, 2010 was our Quadruple Celebration Day. By that, I refer to the celebration of another successful certification, the year of the Tiger, the 11th anniversary of Phoenix Clubhouse, and the appreciation of volunteers. Many enthusiastic members, staff, volunteers, members of the "Friends of Phoenix Clubhouse", and the CCE of the hospital gathered for some wonderful programs.

What touched me most was the talent show of Hui-Lam and Tony. Unforgettable was Professor Ng's rendition of "The Snow Flakes and the Plum Flowers", and "The Call of Love". He also led us sing the Clubhouse song. The talent show of the new staff members turned out to be most interesting; they were so engrossed and happy! I was fortunate enough to get the top prize in the lucky draw. My elder sister and I opened the gift at home and together we shared much joy!

I want to mention too that Eva, Wendy, Anita, Hung, Lung and I demonstrated Ba Duan Jin. I hope that everybody can learn and practice this kind of Qi Gong. Inspired by Eva and friends, I have come to love Ba Duan Jin, and wish to persist in practicing it. I hope that next year, there will be a more successful celebration at the new clubhouse site and that the Clubhouse will have an even better future, enabling us to become excellent members of society. A good beginning is the first half of success. Yeah!