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 Administration Unit


The main duties of this unit are administration and management, employment services, and research projects.

Administration and management

Staff and members are responsible for Clubhouse administrative work  that includes statistics and reports, monthly financial returns, and Clubhouse budget management. They obtain consensus for Clubhouse policies and organize  trainings and conferences . They also liaise with Friends of Phoenix Clubhouse, plan public relations projects such as anniversary celebrations, organize site visits, oversee long-range planning for the Clubhouse, the intake committee and other short-term committees, and they communicate with the Clubhouse International.

Employment Services

This unit is responsible for developing employment opportunities and supervising all placement management. We support members in independent employment, supported employment and transitional employment.


The Administration Unit is responsible for all the statistical returns on a monthly and yearly basis and on research activities regarding clubhouse effectiveness.

The following papers were published:

  1. Yau, E., Chan, C., Chan, A., & Chui, B. (2005). Changes in psychosocial and work-related characteristics among Clubhouse members: A preliminary report. Work. 25, 287-296

  2. 邱鳳賢、陳智軒、徐啟東 (2003) 『會所服務的成效研究─初步結 果』卓越之友主編《在卓越的旅途上》未來文化出版有限公司,香港.161-175頁。

  3. Yau, F.Y.E. and Chan, C.H.C. (2000). Clubhouse program for Chinese people with schizophrenia. Rehabilitation Psychology. 45(3), 324.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the paper, please contact us.


 Clerical Unit

The Clerical Unit is the most modern and efficient unit in the clubhouse. It has a wide variety of tasks that helps cultivate interest in, while at the same time, gives diverse learning opportunities to our members.

Clerical work

The unit has 10 state-of-the-art computers, some of which have Internet connections, CD writers, scanners etc. They mimic the settings of a modern office, thus giving members relevant experience. In addition, there is an abundance of opportunities for our members to gain experience through sending and receiving e-mails, managing our web page, making posters, invitation cards, name cards, employment files, and using word processing.

Non-computerized tasks include maintaining various clerical records, translating, photocopying, and providing clubhouse tours for new members and visitors. Apart from that, this unit publishes the Phoenix Daily News. It is a daily update, written by the clubhouse, containing clubhouse information, clubhouse activities, and information on community recreation activities. In addition, this unit is also responsible for the Clubhouse Newsletter, which is issued bi-monthly for external circulation. Contents include special topics, news on our activities, employment status, experience sharing, and a schedule of our programs.


Reception is also part of the Clerical Unit. It is responsible for receiving guests and members, answering phone calls, faxing, registering and updating various records such as the members attendance list etc.

Supported Education

Supported education is a major concern of the Clerical Unit. For details, please refer to our Education section.


 Environmental Protection and Tuck Shop Unit







The unit's business hours: 8:45a.m. - 4:30p.m.


The Environmental Protection and Tuck Shop Unit is the unit that has the most members in the clubhouse. It is mainly responsible for selling snacks, growing plants, producing recycled products, and the management of leisure activities. The tuck shop starts its business at 8:45 a.m. every morning. We use a computerized cashier machine, make regular withdrawals and deposit from it, and replenish our supplies at fixed intervals.

Horticulture is one of our most important activities. We have more than two hundred potted plants all over the balcony and indoors. The best growers are used to represent the clubhouse in competition in the annual flower show. This year we won a medal by entering a pot of Indonesian phoenix fairy.

We make good use of our potted flowers and home-made recycled papers. Members design souvenirs and cards with them. Recycled paper is also used to make envelopes and writing pads. This way, the concept of environmental protection is introduced.

This unit is also responsible for the regular maintenance of the equipments for various activities. Every two months we hold a meeting to discuss with the members and staff from other units to schedule leisure activities. Members also look for appropriate societal activities in the newspaper and announce them in the “Phoenix daily news”. Through various involvements in the unit, members rebuild their self-esteem and confidence.

 Food Services Unit






The Food Services Unit is run by both members and staff of Phoenix Clubhouse. It is responsible for providing breakfast, lunch, and afternoon tea on weekdays and only lunch on Saturdays as the clubhouse is closed in the afternoon. It also provides various food items such as refreshing chrysanthemum tea and teacakes for snacks. It provides a different soup for lunch every Tuesday. Members are offered a choice of 2 dishes on the daily menu.  In addition, we conduct a popular vote every 3 months to change the menu according to our members’ needs.

Members of the Food Services Unit work side by side to order ingredients, cook, clean up etc.. We also work with the Queen Mary Hospital Catering Department to design the daily lunch menu.

For celebrate special days, we also make celebration food, such like, moon cake, Chinese New Year' food We make appropriate foods to celebrate festive occasions, e.g. mooncake for the Mid-autumn Festival, dumplings for the Dragon Boat Festival etc.

Nowadays, everyone wants to eat healthily. The Food Service Unit collected recipes for healthy cooking and made a healthy eating cook book for members to borrow and read in order to raise the awareness of healthy eating.